Beautifully written, Let There Be Water is an inspiring account of the vision and sacrifice by a nation and people that have long made water security a top priority.Let There Be Water Cover

Despite scant natural water resources, a rapidly growing population and economy, and often hostile neighbors, Israel’s cutting-edge technology has enabled the country to consistently remain ahead of the water innovation-curve to assure a dynamic, vital future for itself.


Recent Reviews

“This extraordinary work will long be read by people grappling with water shortages and other seemingly insurmountable challenges”
Shimon Peres, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President of Israel

“Let There Be Water is an essential look at the unknown story of how Israel has avoided the coming global water crisis despite being mostly desert. Through smart policies, conservation, technology and a new water-focused export industry, this book shares water-independent Israel’s lessons that every interested citizen and country needs to know.”
–  Dan Senor, co-author of The New York Times bestseller, Start-Up Nation

With global water shortages generating political, military and humanitarian crises across the globe, Israel’s astonishing ingenuity for wresting abundance from drought is an inspiring and instructive blueprint for the planet.”
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., attorney, author, radio show host and environmental advocate

“If you are worried about global water shortages-and you should be-read this book. Seth Siegel brings an urgent message of how the world can save itself using remarkable techniques and technology developed in Israel. Let There Be Water is essential reading. I highly recommend it.”
Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City

“A really interesting account of the possibilities for technology to solve one of the greatest and underestimated challenges of our age.”
Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain

“Let There Be Water is the expertly and movingly told story of how Israeli specialists and NGOs greatly helped many Africans gain access to clean water. Seth Siegel shows how Israel uses its water skills both to help developing nations and as a tool of diplomacy. We all have so much to learn from this superb book.”
Ruhakana Rugunda, Prime Minister of Uganda

“From the arid front lines of the freshwater scarcity crisis, Siegel provides an eye-opening account how Israel turned adversity into opportunity to become an innovative pioneer in the global quest for a new water paradigm.”
Steven Solomon, author, WATER: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization

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