From L-R: Ellen Robinson, Diane Hess, Jill Egerman and Andrea Shore

Jill Egerman (Schwartz), Diane Hess (Gross), Ellen Robinson (Besner), and Andrea Shore (Smith) all roomed together the spring of 1996 at the dorms at Kiryat Hayovel. They forged a bond taking the bus back and forth from to the Mount Scopus campus to attend classes at the Rothberg international school.

When they came back from Israel the former roommates traveled to visit each other in Boston for Head of the Charles, at the University of Pennsylvania for Spring Fling and multiple trips to each other’s cities.

What started as fun girls weekends has now become a yearly tradition.  The four women try and travel together every year for a weekend (though they took off a few years when everyone had very young kids). With two now living in the DC area, one in Los Angeles and one in New York City, finding an easily accessible city for the weekend has been somewhat of a challenge (so far the list includes the Catskills, Austin, Chicago, Denver and Nashville). And sometimes, they’ve tried to see other Hebrew University alumni.

And even though during the year they don’t talk all the time, they pick up right where they left off. “One day, maybe we will all get back to Israel together with our families, but in the meantime, it’s good to catch up in the U.S.,” said Andrea Shore.