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Start-Up Sukkah: A Taste of Israeli Innovation

Hebrew University alumni gathered at Philadelphia’s Congregation Mikveh Israel on September 26, 2018, to hear HU Professor Gad Yair describe the impetus for Israeli innovation, which has resulted in the nation’s success in launching startups and improving upon existing technologies.

In the synagogue’s sukkah, Professor Yair discussed “The Unruly Mind: An Invitation to Israeli Science,” sharing his insights into the “eclectic, “non-linear” approach Israelis bring to problem-solving and brainstorming new ideas. The evening desert reception was co-chaired by HU Alums Rabbi Michael Beals and Dr. Eric Berger. The event was graciously hosted by Congregation Mikveh Israel congregation and held in the Sukkah.  Rabbi Gabbai spoke eloquently about his own background as an Egyptian immigrant and the meaning of the seasonal holiday that brought HU alumni together.

Among those joining the alumni and guests were Herb Sachs, Chair of the Mid-Atlantic Region/Philadelphia, Seth Bloom, Director, Frandee Woolf, AFHU Executive Director, and Alana Cooper, AFHU Director of Alumni Relations.


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Frandee Woolf, Sharona Durry, Paula Goldberg, Arlene Fickler, Rabbi Michael Beals, Co-Chair, Rabbi Albert Gabbai, Mikveh Israel, Prof. Gad Yair, Jan Fertig, Marilyn Fertig
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Rabbi Albert Gabbai, Rabbi Michael Beals '87, Amir Goldman '93, Stacy Goldman '93, Frandee Woolf 76
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Professor Gad Yair
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Felisa Lane & Sharona Durry
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