Webinar: Digital Humanities and the future of Holocaust Memory

      Join AFHU Leadership Empowerment and Development (LEAD) and Dr. Renana Keydar as we explore the future of Holocaust memory through the lens of the Digital Humanities, a field that explores the humanities using digital and computational methods to create new questions and approaches.

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      Dr. Keydar’s appointment is a natural progression of her interdisciplinary academic journey that includes Tel Aviv University, Stanford University, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and the Hebrew University’s Minerva Center for Human Rights. Previously, Dr. Keydar practiced law, representing the State in constitutional, human rights and public administrative law cases before the Supreme Court.

      Today, her research explores questions of justice in the wake of violent conflicts. Combining law and literature with digital humanities tools, Dr. Keydar broadens the lens in order to discover insights and knowledge that would otherwise have remained inaccessible. Dr. Keydar hopes that expanding our understanding of grave human rights violations in this way will help us create a better, more secure future.

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