On June 1, 2015,  AFHU held a congratulatory dinner at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel in recognition of outstanding leaders and recipients of honors this year from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem during the 78th International Board of Governors meeting.  Leading the accolades were Daniel I. Schlessinger, AFHU National President, and Beth Asnien McCoy, AFHU National Executive Director.

Michael S. Kurtz, AFHU National Chairman, led a special tribute in honor and memory of Paul M. Densen (z”l), a leader and supporter of the university’s Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research.  Paul’s wife Sarah Densen and son Rob Densen, HU Honorary Governor and AFHU Board of Regents Member, attended the ceremony.  A relief of Paul Densen on view during the evening will be installed at the renovated laboratories being constructed for the Lautenberg Center at the Faculty of Medicine.  Photos by Bruno Charbit