AFHU’s Northeast Region hosted the 47th Annual George A. Katz Torch of Learning Award Luncheon at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City on May 3, 2017.  Close to 500 colleagues and friends and family, along with AFHU supporters predominantly from the legal and business communities, came together to honor David B. Pitofsky, General Counsel of News Corp, and Lawrence J. Zweifach, Litigation Partner at Gibson Dunn, for their professional achievements, community leadership, and outstanding commitment to justice and the advancement of higher education.

This year’s impressive turnout and successful fundraising campaign could not have taken place without the leadership and commitment of the event co-chairs: Elkan Abramowitz, Genie Gavenchak, Robert J. Jossen, Mark A. Kirsch, Andrew J. Levander, Marshall L. Miller, Gary P. Naftalis, Jonathan S. Sack, George A. Schieren, Ira Lee Sorkin, Alan Vinegrad, and Richard D. Weinberg.  

Keynote speaker Brian Ross, ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent reflected on “the good” that has come from the recent spotlight that has been placed on the news media in today’s political climate.  Guests also heard from the Dean of Hebrew University’s Faculty of Law, Professor Michael Karayanni, who highlighted the strengths and successes born out of HU’s unique law programs and the newly created Center for Multiculturalism whose mission is to bring social change through inclusion and equality for all.

Funds raised at the event benefited The Faculty of Law at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and AFHU.

We invite you to browse through the event photos below or click here to view the unabridged Photo Gallery and select event videos.

George A. Katz Torch of Learning Awards

(L-R) David Pitofsky and Lawrence Zweifach

(L-R) Kenneth Stein, John Siffert, David Pitofsky, Lawrence Zweifach, Ira Lee Sorkin, Professor Michael Karayanni

(L-R) Marshall Miller, Alan Vinegrad, Genie Gavenchak, Ira Lee Sorkin, Robert Jossen

(L-R) George Schieren, Lawrence Zweifach, David Pitofsky, Mark Kirsch, Andrew Levander

(L-R) Gerson Zweifach, Gary Naftalis, Lawrence Zweifach

David Pitofsky, Trena Keating

(L-R) Lawrence Zweifach, Eleanor Groz, Jessica Sternman, Sam Zweifach

(L-R) Susan Lawi, Frances Katz

Pamela Nadler Emmerich, Adam Emmerich

HU Professor Michael Karayanni addresses a packed house

(L-R) Richard Weinberg, Andrew Levander, Jodi Avergun, Steven Kobre

(L-R) Ira Lee Sorkin, Carin Muhlbaum, Marc Mayer

(L-R) Wayne Carlin, Gary Naftalis

(L-R) Robert Jossen, Lawrence Zweifach, Alan Vinegrad

Pamela Nadler Emmerich, AFHU Northeast Region President

HU Professor Michael Karayanni addresses close to 500 guests

Brian Ross, ABC Chief Investigative Correspondent

(L-R) David Pitofsky, Robert Thomson

(L-R) Rabbi Rick Jacobs, Lawrence Zweifach

(L-R) Deborah Katz, Frances Katz

(L-R) Judge Carol Bagley Amon , Jackie Zins, Gerson Zweifach, Lawrence Zweifach, Judge Reena Raggi

(L-R) Mark Kirsch, Daniel Fetterman, Judge Paul Engelmayer, George Schieren

Daniel Thomasch, Karen Konigsberg, Joel Cohen

(L-R) Chris Goff, Jason Conti, Laura Handman, Jordan Lippner

(L-R) Scott Paskal, Bianca Mojica, Katie Scalia, Joseph Azam, Teena Lee

(L-R) Peter Chavkin, Michael Kurtz, Winston Paes, Joel Cohen

(L-R) Jodi Schwartz, Jonathan Siegel , Marshall Miller

(L-R) John Savarese, Robert Morganthau

(L-R) Maureen Chakraborty, Mark Howrey, Lindsey Greenbaum, Gaurav Jetley