Meet the New Zuckerman 2017-2018 STEM Program Scholars

July 24, 2017-The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program committee completed its selection process, awarding 30 new scholarships in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

In October 2016, the program began the academic year with a cohort of 14 scholars. This fall, the second cohort joins it with 30 new scholars, forming an impressive group of 44 women and men.

The Steering committee is extremely impressed by the scholars’ scientific achievements, career development plans, and demonstrated leadership qualities. The program offers the new scholars sincere congratulations on their selection. Please meet the new Zuckerman 2017-2018 Scholars, including several at Hebrew University. 

Starting next year, the Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program will double the number of fellowships. Instead of selecting roughly 30 new students each year, it will choose 50. Within a few years, it will be supporting 64 fellows at one time within the multi-year program.

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