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Saul & Joyce Brandman Foundation Donates $8 Million to Hebrew University for New Science Laboratories

Saul & Joyce Brandman Foundation Donates $8 Million to Hebrew University for New Science Laboratories

August 11, 2010

NEW YORK – American Friends of The Hebrew University (AFHU) today announced an $8 million donation by The Saul & Joyce Brandman Foundation to name a new teaching laboratory building at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Edmond J. Safra campus in Givat Ram, Israel.  The Saul (z"l) and Joyce Brandman Science Laboratories will provide cutting edge research facilities for the study of chemistry, biology, physics, and pharmacology programs at the University. 

Mrs. Brandman and her husband Saul, of blessed memory, have supported The Hebrew University of Jerusalem for twenty-five years, and in their lifetimes have donated over $10 million.  Their generous financial assistance and dedication has provided scholarships for dozens of students, and helped build the new Scopus Student Village. 

“The Saul and Joyce Brandman Foundation’s continued support for The Hebrew University is inspirational and cannot be sufficiently praised,” said AFHU President Martin E. Karlinsky.  “This latest gift exemplifies a lifelong commitment to the Jewish people, and the continuation of Saul’s legacy to build a better future through education.”

AFHU Western Region Board Chairman, Richard Ziman, stated, "Joyce Brandman takes a remarkable, hands-on approach to philanthropic leadership, helping people as close by as Los Angeles and as far away as South America and Israel.  Whether the cause is healthcare, education or the well-being of the Jewish people, Joyce works to improve and save lives, encouraging us all to deepen our commitment to others."  

View photos of the Saul (z"l) and Joyce Brandman Foundation Science Teaching Laboratory Building

Recognizing her philanthropic contributions not only to Israel but also voluntary work in emerging nations, on June Joyce Brandman speaking at a cermony during the Board of Governors Meeting7th, 2010 Mrs. Brandman received an honorary fellowship from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem at the 73rd International Board of Governors meeting in Jerusalem, Israel. 

That same day, at a ceremony at the Mount Scopus campus the President of The Hebrew University, Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson, paid tribute to Joyce and Saul (z"l) Brandman, whose names were inscribed on the Benefactors Wall. Mrs. Brandman also dedicated The Brandman Foundation Chair in Cardiac and Pulmonary Diseases on June 8th.

In 2009, with the passing of her beloved husband Saul, Mrs. Brandman became President of The Saul & Joyce Brandman Foundation, which lends support to hundreds of charities, including The Hebrew University, New Directions for Youth, Chapman University, Brandman University, HELPS International, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Our House, Jewish Free Loans, Wounded Warriors, International Hearing Dog, and the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging, where it funded a loan program for new nurses and recently provided initial funding for the Home’s new Brandman Pace program for all-inclusive senior day care.  The Saul & Joyce Brandman Foundation is also involved with many charitable organizations in Israel.

Mrs. Brandman says her mission is to run the foundation doing what Saul would have wanted and carrying on the legacy of tzedakah that they forged together.

Harkening back to the lessons she learned as a child, Mrs. Brandman’s philanthropy is not limited to grant-making. She travels to Guatemala annually with HELPS International, volunteering her services to support doctors and nurses who perform surgeries in field hospitals in the countryside for people who would not otherwise have access to medical care. As part of her dedication to women’s causes, Mrs. Brandman volunteers a great deal of time at Cedar-Sinai Hospital, counseling women diagnosed with breast cancer, teaching women about the warning signs of the disease, and also volunteering in the Labor and Delivery department.

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